Monthly Archives: May 2014

Reveal Day

It all began with this stash of beads I received from my partner way back in March. We were the first two paired. My partner is From Edmonton, Alberta and a very talented lady by the name of Debbie Rasmussen. Please visit to find a list of all the participants and find her blog at:
There were nearly 500 of us so lots to see if you enjoy amazing beadwork.
So here are my items:
I was fortunate enough to find purple beads in my stash that matched the pink Debbie sent me and I used them quite a bit in these two necklaces. I just love the painted jasper stone she sent.
The bracelets are just fun. All the little bits of metal and such just called to me like a charm bracelet so with bits of amethyst stone they became and updated, multi strand charm bracelet.
Bright green glass beads made the little purple square beads come alive for a woven wrist adornment.
The little purple beads continued in this square cuff with some tila beads I had and green crystals.
And lastly, those little purple beads with bumps reminded me of sea urchins so with turquoise they became this lovely summer necklace that was donated to a local charity to raise funds for a new hospital for our town.
And that is how I spent my soup. I enjoyed the experience and hope to participate again next year. I am sure I will be amazed by everyone’s beautiful work. I hope I did justice to my soup. I know my partner will have.