Monthly Archives: April 2015

New Lines

I have added some new lines this year. More pouches and wands.

Pouches are fun and so diverse. There is no limit to the colors and patterns that can adorn them. Also there are so many types of fabric. I have even made a few leather ones. We will see how these go at future markets as they can be costly to produce.


Wands have become a passion in the  fact it is interesting to see how they will evolve and change to suit their future owners needs. The ideas in my head are so different sometimes from how they turn out yet when they are completed there is a knowing that they are exactly as they should be. I love feeling the energy of a completed wand and am always anxious to continue creating new ones. This is a very specialized market and look forward to getting to the apex where I can create a specific wand for a specific person. How cool is that!