New Lines

I have added some new lines this year. More pouches and wands.

Pouches are fun and so diverse. There is no limit to the colors and patterns that can adorn them. Also there are so many types of fabric. I have even made a few leather ones. We will see how these go at future markets as they can be costly to produce.


Wands have become a passion in the  fact it is interesting to see how they will evolve and change to suit their future owners needs. The ideas in my head are so different sometimes from how they turn out yet when they are completed there is a knowing that they are exactly as they should be. I love feeling the energy of a completed wand and am always anxious to continue creating new ones. This is a very specialized market and look forward to getting to the apex where I can create a specific wand for a specific person. How cool is that! 



Promise of Spring

With the promise of spring just around the corner, I choose to do something in green. Although I have worked with single stones to create a focal point, this is my first time working with several to create this stunning piece. A little reminiscent of ancient Egypt, it also carries a modern geometric theme. I hope you enjoy its beauty as much as I enjoyed creating it



Lately I have been neglecting this blog. I hope to change that and get back into the swing of things.

I have a secret project. Since it is to be a birthday gift for a friend, I cannot reveal photos of it until it is completed and delivered. I guarantee, it will be worth the wait to see. Promise.

In the meantime, I share a recent gift to a sweet granddaughter. My son showed me a picture of one so, of course, I had to make one. A very time consuming project but well worth the effort. I think it will be warm as well. I hope you enjoy. Look forward to your comments.

Brain hat

Brain hat

Reveal Day

It all began with this stash of beads I received from my partner way back in March. We were the first two paired. My partner is From Edmonton, Alberta and a very talented lady by the name of Debbie Rasmussen. Please visit to find a list of all the participants and find her blog at:
There were nearly 500 of us so lots to see if you enjoy amazing beadwork.
So here are my items:
I was fortunate enough to find purple beads in my stash that matched the pink Debbie sent me and I used them quite a bit in these two necklaces. I just love the painted jasper stone she sent.
The bracelets are just fun. All the little bits of metal and such just called to me like a charm bracelet so with bits of amethyst stone they became and updated, multi strand charm bracelet.
Bright green glass beads made the little purple square beads come alive for a woven wrist adornment.
The little purple beads continued in this square cuff with some tila beads I had and green crystals.
And lastly, those little purple beads with bumps reminded me of sea urchins so with turquoise they became this lovely summer necklace that was donated to a local charity to raise funds for a new hospital for our town.
And that is how I spent my soup. I enjoyed the experience and hope to participate again next year. I am sure I will be amazed by everyone’s beautiful work. I hope I did justice to my soup. I know my partner will have.